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6 Hidden Features of Google Maps You Need to Know

You have Not traveled Everywhere in what seems like ages Because of Coronavirus quarantine, however as towns and country parks start to open up, you might discover that you are mapping out a driveway or starting to consider your everyday commute. ...

Microsoft Celebrating 30 Years of Solitaire Game Success

Microsoft Solitaire game become 30 year old and Microsoft celebrating this day as a occasion. Microsoft Solitaire, originally known as Windows Solitaire, is among the most played games in the world since it shipped in every edition of Windows for ...

Facebook Announced Permanent Remote Work Option for Employees

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the social media firm will allow permanent remote work for many of its existing employees and aggressively open up remote hiring. The social networking giant is the latest in the growing list of businesses and ...

Google Chrome Big Safety and Security Updates Coming Soon

Google Chrome for desktops' variant is currently shaping up for a bigger upgrade than normal. Along with tab blocking advertisements that are battery-killing and grouping, the browser is currently getting a set of developments for security, safety, ...

Microsoft is Creating New Types of Office Document: The Fluid Framework

Microsoft is creating a new type of Office document: The Fluid Framework. The tables, graphs, and records which you normally see in Office documents are transformed into dwelling, collaborative modules that exist beyond conventional documents. ...

OnePlus 8 Pro Camera Can See Through Some Plastics and Clothes

It has been found that the OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone includes a surprise attribute that could make you temporarily feel as a superhero. Well, here is a camera tip we have never seen at a smartphone X-ray vision. It is a characteristic of this ...

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