As per statistics available for the year 2019, 80% of internet traffic was generated by video content. It proves that storytelling has no better medium than videos. Incorporating online video streaming in brand marketing and digital marketing strategies, thus, enhances the effect of these promotional campaigns.

Being a visual medium, videos tend to connect easily with the audience. It creates a deeper impact than that created by either text or image-based content. One research even says that videos generate approximately 1200% more shares than all other forms of content combined.

Live streaming offers a great opportunity for content creators to improve visibility and enhance brand growth. A survey shows that the time spent by audiences in watching live videos is 3x times more than that spent on ordinary videos. 47% more people are currently streaming more live videos than before.

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However, the content of a live streaming video is a matter of great criticality. What content should be streamed so that the viewership increases is a matter of great deliberation. Some ideas that can be converted to make good live video content are:

Q&As and interviews:

The diversity of the web is its USP. Finding information on a topic is easy but gaining an expert insight regarding the same can be quite challenging. Interviews and Q&A sessions provide the perfect solution to this challenge and make an ideal topic for live streaming.

Getting a known expert to talk about a relevant topic offers audiences an in-depth understanding of the topic. However, the topics chosen should be such that there is a demand for knowing more about them among the web audience.

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Footage of what goes behind-the-scenes:

BTS makes for a very popular topic for live streaming. Watching backstage footage makes the audience feel special. BTS videos generally offer the audience an opportunity to know more about the real-life of their favorite “reel people.”

This content appears unscripted, unique, original and natural. Hence, BTS footage makes the video relatable on a live streaming platform.

Offering live updates:

The audience has an insatiable need to know more. Thus, updates about the internal happenings of a company, products and brands make the audience feel closer to the same.

Additionally, they also provide the audience with valuable information about potential opportunities to capitalize on.

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Tutorials and how-toss:

These are one of the most searched for videos on the internet. Videos titled “How-to” work as very good live streaming content since they are audience related.

By sharing steps to using a product or creating something or performing a task etc. and injecting some light-hearted humor to it, videos can be made to attract a huge audience on the web.

Tutorials regarding the making of live streams, videos etc., are also extremely popular.

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Sharing insights on what is trending:

The sheer volume of video content available on the web makes it difficult to know what is trending quickly. By using online video streaming to share the latest trends and insights, videos can be positioned as an informative and valuable source of information.

Demo sharing:

These live videos help prospects learn the nuances of using a product. Walking through the modalities and functionalities of a product helps the audience know more about how to use the product.

Such videos are particularly useful today since buying things online makes it difficult to get someone to give a live demo.

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Free Webinar:

By definition any online meeting, presentation etc., that is hosted in real-time falls under the aegis of a webinar. Since they are about specific topics, they attract a niche audience.

But webinars are considered to be good content for making live streaming videos since they are interactive, provide scope for sending and receiving information, enable the audience to participate in discussions and increase their knowledge about topics of interest.

Defining the scope of the video

The intent for making the video should be visible in the video content. This content needs to have adequate information so that viewers can decide whether they should continue watching the video.

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While researching for a topic to make a video for online video streaming, the timeline of the project needs to be defined along with the niche it is to be placed in and the category of the video.

Writing the script for the video is critically important. This defines the success of the video. Hence, scripts written should be checked and rechecked several times to weave a tight story. 3 to 4 lines from the script should be used as highpoints to grab the attention of the viewer in the first few seconds.

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Making a video for a live streaming platform is easy once the topic has been decided. However, the content provided needs to be of superlative quality, interesting and unique so that it can attract more viewers, shares and likes.

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