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Tips to Pick the Perfect Vendor for Your Promotional Work Shirts
The corporate world is advancing at a rapid pace, bringing new norms and working mechanisms every day. It is now hard for every company to keep up the pace with this rapidly advancing commercial ...
Continent that Most Advanced in Technology
Technological advancement is a continuous process. It is a process that started from time immemorial. From the use of the first generation computers to today's portable devices. The application of ...
Latest Digital Marketing Trends To Follow In 2023-2021.
We're seeing the entrepreneurs are scrambling up rough ground this past year. It appears it's time like never occurred in history. There's a dramatic realignment of digital advertising and marketing ...
Pros and cons of AVOD (Advertising Based Video On-Demand) Monetization.
AVOD stands to get Advertising-Based Video on Demand. AVOD businesses make money by selling ads in their videos, such as video commercials, exhibit banners, sponsored articles and much more. Hence, ...
The complete guide to AVOD (Advertising Based Video On-Demand) Monetization.
The Internet has dramatically impacted the way we see videos. The ability to deliver video over wireless and wired telecom has given birth to advanced online services. Notable ones include YouTube, ...
Artificial Intelligence Will Kill Human Resources in Near Future.
Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are rapidly changing the world we live in, and many are worried that robots are coming for our jobs. A growing number of people fear that robots and other ...
19 SEO Mystery Tricks to Boost Search Engine Rank of Your Website & Blog.
Google is the leading search engine in the world. If your Website is not designed to appeal to Google searches (or even Yahoo! or even Bing either), the site isn't reaching its potential. Search ...
Microsoft CEO Nadella  said, Microsoft Teams reached 115mn daily active users.
Microsoft Teams platform has reached 115 million daily active users. The organization sees increased utilization intensity as people communicate, collaborate, and co-author contents throughout work, ...
9 Eye-Catching Color Combinations for Display Advertisement.
Colors are a universal language which has the capability to talk without words. Eye-catching color combinations in display advertising helps in generating more revenue for your business. Their ...
Artificial intelligence and Human intelligence combine will enhance the future banking services experience – Anant Maheshwari said.
Microsoft India President Anant Maheshwari has said, Artificial intelligence and Human intelligence combines will enhance the future banking service experience. AI + HI will provide, the better ...
For better visibility Microsoft working on rebranding Bing search engine
Microsoft working on rebranding its own search engine Bing for better visibility. Bing is the world second most popular search engine after Google. There is no official announcement to date by ...
Microsoft starting new programme to build quantum computing skills in India
Microsoft the Tech giant starting a new programme to construct quantum computing abilities and capacities in the academic community from India and will instruct 900 faculty members out of leading ...
Microsoft confirms his plan to buy US arm of TikTok
Microsoft Supported It's in discussions with Chinese firm ByteDance to obtain the U.S. arm of its popular video program TikTok, and it has spoken with President Donald Trump his worries about safety ...
US President Trump said he’ll ban TikTok in US, It may be on Saturday
US President Donald Trump said on friday, he will soon ban Chinese video app TikTok, it may be on Saturday. “As far as TikTok is concerned, we’re banning them from the United States,” Trump ...
Gates, Elon Musk, others Twitter accounts hacked in Bitcoin scam
Hackers broke to the Twitter Account of Tech moguls, politicians, actors and employers that are important Wednesday in a Bitcoin scam. There's no proof that the owners of those reports were ...
Tech companies includes Google, FB, Microsoft,  join lawsuit against new student visa rule
More than a dozen top American technology companies, such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft, on Monday joined a lawsuit filed by the Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ...
Microsoft and Google are working together for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in the Play Store.
Microsoft and Google are working together to assist web developers obtain their Progressive Internet Programs (PWAs) to the Play Store. We're working with each other to produce the net a more ...
Microsoft Xbox –  X Series games event to take place on July 23
Microsoft has announced an Xbox collection X Series games online occasion for July 23 which will concentrate on games instead of hardware. "Xbox Games Showcase, July 23rd, 9am PT @SummerGameFest ...
ONE Championship and Microsoft has announced a strategic partnership.
Largest worldwide sports media land ONE Championship (ONE) and Microsoft has announced a strategic partnership to exploit the Cloud, such as Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, to alter digital ...
Amazon Prime Video Launched Desktop App for Windows 10
Amazon Prime Video’s launches its app for Windows 10, and it is live in the Microsoft Store. It allows you to stream videos and download them for offline viewing. While it’s always been possible ...
Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox may launch in August
A leaked Microsoft record has shown that the firm’s next-gen Xbox will probably be completely shown in August. Microsoft had initially intended to unveil this console, codenamed “Lockhart", in ...
Microsoft pausing advertising on Facebook and Instagram
Microsoft that spent over $115 million on Facebook advertisements this past year is allegedly pausing advertisements on both the Facebook and Instagram. The software giant, but hasn't announced ...
Microsoft shuts down Mixer, teaming up with Facebook gaming streams.
Microsoft has declared to finish its own video game streaming support Mixer and has awakened with Facebook to allow the Mixer community to transition into Facebook Gaming. "Beginning now, ...
Microsoft acquires CyberX to boost and secure customers’ IoT deployments
Microsoft has obtained a security startup named CyberX to to accelerate and secure customers Internet of Things (IoT) deployments. Details of the deal weren't disclosed but press reports said the ...
Microsoft is rolling out a private version of Teams for iOS and Android
Microsoft has rolled out preview the private version of its video calling program Teams for users on mobile for Android and iOS, in which the users may do text chat and video calling, discuss lists, ...
Microsoft acquires data modeling firm ADRM Software.
Microsoft has acquired North Carolina-based ADRM Software, a leading supplier of large scale industry data units, which can be used by large companies globally as information blueprints, for an ...
SAS and Microsoft are partnering to shape the future of AI and analytics in the cloud.
Microsoft Company And SAS declared a broad engineering and tactical venture that is go-to-market partnering. Both businesses will empower clients to run their SAS® work loads releasing significance ...
Microsoft Surface Duo dual-screen phone may launch in July
Microsoft is Planning to start its own Smartphone Surface Duo in July with stylus integration and attributes to better match the consumer experience of other corded apparatus. Microsoft Surface ...
Microsoft announced new features in the free version of Teams
As video calls on Teams grow new features have been announced by Microsoft in the free Version of Teams to assist more individuals socialize and meet online. Even the free version users are able ...
Microsoft Celebrating 30 Years of Solitaire Game Success
Microsoft Solitaire game become 30 year old and Microsoft celebrating this day as a occasion. Microsoft Solitaire, originally known as Windows Solitaire, is among the most played games in the world ...
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