Amazon India added 10 new warehouses for its upcoming Prime Day sale.

Amazon India on Thursday said that it has included 10 new warehouses along with enlarged seven present buildings, before its forthcoming Prime Day sale.

Unlike conventional warehouses, fulfilment centers are built with highly automatic pick, package and transport procedures to facilitate secure and timely processing of requests.

The business however didn’t provide details regarding the growth of the existing buildings and also the investment made.

With this growth, Amazon India has over 60 fulfilment centers (FCs) in 15 countries with a entire storage capacity of over 32 million cubic feet and also comprise the specialised community of FCs for big appliances and furniture class and get Centres, it included.

Receive Centres are merchandise set points where vendors send their merchandise to get additional supply round the Amazon FC community in India.

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Amazon India’s fulfillment community is going to be dispersed across a ground area of over 8 thousand square feet — over the territory size of 100 football fields, home millions of things.

We anticipate generating tens of thousands of job opportunities with pay. Our investment in technology and infrastructure is to provide vendors with nearer access to Amazon’s fulfillment offers, clients with quicker delivery on a larger choice of goods and aid ancillary companies like packaging, transport and logistics, he added.

The new centers will be operational until the festive period, allowing customers to remain safe in the home and receive deliveries in their door step, the business said.

Amazon will maintain its Prime Day Sale at India on August 6-7.

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