Apple out the Facebook Gaming app from its App Store

After many failed efforts to get into Apple’s App Store, Facebook’s Gaming app is now out on iOS. Nonetheless, it’s lacking a significant functionality — gaming. And Facebook isn’t too pleased about it. Now Facebook is joined the Microsoft in condemning Apple’s App Store policies.

According to report, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg criticized Apple’s App Store principles, which prohibits gambling platforms (which are not assembled by Apple). “Unfortunately, we had to eliminate gameplay performance entirely in order to get Apple’s acceptance on the standalone Facebook Gaming app — significance iOS users possess an inferior experience to people utilizing Android,” said Sandberg.

Facebook says it has the Facebook Gaming app rejected multiple times by Apple lately. The business says Apple has mentioned App Store guideline 4.7 to justify the rejections, asserting the main purpose of this Facebook Gaming app would be to play matches. Facebook says it shared usage data from the Android Facebook Gaming program that showed 95% of activity is seeing streams, but that didn’t alter Apple’s stance.

The conflict between Apple and Facebook mostly revolves around the definition of this program’s “main function.” Apple maintains the program violates its App Store rules about programs whose chief purpose is distributing games; while Facebook states the program is largely about streaming gambling videos.

Apple’s justification is that it cannot analyze and accept individual matches on these services. Nonetheless, services on the opposite end of those choices, for example Basecamp and Spotify, claim it’s about Apple exerting power over their platforms.

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Apple is facing growing criticism from opponents as well as the gambling business to loosen its App Store restrictions. Microsoft was forced to cut off its xCloud iOS testing earlier this week, even after App Store policies were preventing the company from launch the app .

Facebook’s gaming vice president stated that Apple has created “shared pain throughout the gaming business, which ultimately hurts players and developers and seriously hamstrings innovation on mobile for different kinds of formats such as cloud gaming.”

Apple has defended its decision to obstruct cloud gambling services such as xCloud, Stadia, and GeForce Now from the App Store. “Our clients enjoy great apps and games from millions of programmers, and gaming services can absolutely start on the App Store provided that they follow the exact same set of instructions applicable to all programmers, such as submitting games individually for inspection, and emerging in graphs and search,” said an Apple spokesperson

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