Artificial Intelligence has the power to overcome from language divide in India.

Artificial Intelligence has the power to overcome from language divide in India.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will help India overcome Language split and enable everyone to know any language, stated Prof Raj Reddy, and among the early pioneers of AI.

He had been talking in the Responsible AI for Social Empowerment Summit. Prof Reddy stated that AI’s progress could empower everyone to speak and understand some language utilizing language to speech technologies.

The A.I technology can be utilized to conquer India’s language Split,” he said, adding that this would demand 100000 hours of speech along with 100 million words of text to each language.

Prof Reddy stated AI may do things such as allowing countries to remove lockdown, substitute one-size match’s education with personalized education based on individual student capabilities and attention.

Explaining the problems that can be solved using AI now, Prof Reddy explained using spoken language helper, people at the base, who cannot read, will be able to shop, pay bills, and banking online.

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All we have to do is anchorage business to develop Indian Speech Alexas,” he explained.

India would require specific necessary infrastructure to realign those dreams fully. While each household will require a fibre connection with boundless capacity rather than the current restricted wireless option, the population must be trained in electronic literacy, said, Prof Reddy.

Ultimately, according to the AI specialist, the government, Business and academia should work together for the necessary Indian language Datasets, translation methods, and conversation software.

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