Ayushmann Khurrana: I been a cycling enthusiast all of my life

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana has taken up biking and is decided to remain healthy throughout the pandemic. He says he’s been a cycling enthusiast all of his life.

Ayushmann, who’s now in Chandigarh, said: “Maintaining Fitness is a very important facet now, given the emergency we’re engulfed in. We’ll have to locate our exercise regimes since it’s extremely important to remain healthy.

Therefore, because I’m Chandigarh spending some time with my loved one’s members and parents, I chose to take up biking.”

His cycling time is currently incorporating equilibrium.

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“I’ve been a biking enthusiast all of my life but my job schedule consistently prevented me from doing so. I’m loving doing so today as it isn’t, only helping me stay healthy but it’s also giving me time to concentrate on matters, contemplate in life, and strategy my own way ahead;” he explained.

He added that cycling is an experience for him. “I will concentrate on something at one time and shut people loop in my mind,” he explained.

But, Ayushmann admits he can’t wait to be about the places again and again restarting shooting his back movie jobs.

I’m prepared to begin shooting numerous things. The moment the manufacturing teams determine and lock the most powerful ways to begin work, I’ll be back to the collections!

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