There are some technologies that have had a huge impact on us and our way of interaction with the world. One of the best technologies that showcase this change is none other than Cloud computing.

There was a time when it was nothing more than a concept but now it has taken our lives by storm. It comes with great benefits and this is the reason why so many companies out there are using it to their advantage. CRM products are among the best examples of how Cloud computing can be used for our benefit.

There are many CRM systems and each of them is unique in its own way. However, one of the best CRM systems that you can find right now is none other than Salesforce.

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It is quite popular in the professional world because it is used by a lot of organizations. For this reason, there are many people who believe that they can turn Salesforce into a proper career.

But in order to do that, you will need to earn the right certification and that is why in this article we are going to talk about the Salesforce Developer credential.

Benefits of Salesforce Developer Certifications:

One of the main reasons why anyone should go for the Certbolt Salesforce Developer badge is because Salesforce is used by a lot of organizations in the world, which means that they need the relevant experts to work for them.

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If you are able to become a certified developer, you will be considered a true master, so the companies will want to hire you.

It is estimated that a Salesforce professional can easily earn between $70,000 and $86,000 annually, which is another reason why a lot of people go for this certification track.

Overview of Salesforce Developer Certifications:

Salesforce offers its candidates 6 certificates with different domain orientations for the developers. Each credential requires one test for taking, and all the exams that you need to take to become an ExamSnap Salesforce Developer cost $200.

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For each test, you will be given 105 minutes to clear 60 multiple-choice and 5 unscored questions. The passing score ranges between 63% and 65%. However, the exam for the Salesforce Platform Developer II certificate lasts 120 minutes and you will need to gain at least 70% of the correct answers.

The Platform App Builder certification test is 105 minutes long and requires that the candidates answer 60 multiple-choice questions at that time. The applicants need to get at least 63% of the correct answers to earn the certificate.

Anyway, it is no matter which path you choose in terms of preparation. You must have thorough learning with the relevant and useful resources.

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We recommend that you keep an eye on the training courses offered by Salesforce because this is the official option, which you can opt for at once.

Of course, you can add some books, video courses, exam dumps, and even practice tests to improve your skills and knowledge. All in all, you should prepare by any means necessary.


These were some of the main things that you need to know about the Salesforce Developer certification track. It is one of the most popular options right now, so if you truly want to make Salesforce your career, you need to go for one of its credentials.

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Once you have earned the badge you like, you can even go further and explore the Salesforce certification program to become even more skilled at your job. The certificates have become a necessity in the IT field, so if you want to move forward in your career, you should get a few of them.

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