Explain the Important Elements of Tourism.

The three important elements of tourism on whom rests the foundation of tourism are:


Leisure time is related to work time. In the West the availability of leisure time is on the increase. For example, the work week has come down from 60 hours to 40 hours and in some cases upto 30 hours a week. Incentive travel, paid leave, etc. encourage people to seek tourism as an attractive option. The availability of leisure time effects the choice of the destination and the activities there.

Discretionary Income

Discretionary income is directly related to the cost of living work ethic and saving for the future. Attainment of instant pleasure is linked to work goals and money earned is also to be spent. Tourism has emerged as a priority in this regard. Credit cards provide the facility to undertake tourism on credit. The guest host relationship is also governed by the amount of money spent at a destination. This is particularly ‘the case in simple, under developed or developing societies.

Local Sanction

Local Sanction determine vacation practices and styles. For example, it may be a fashion to make a trip for some, students may hitch hike and so on.

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