CCI is reviewing Facebook’s stake in Reliance Jio.

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) is eyeing om Facebook’s 9.99% stake in Reliance Jio. CCI is worried about the private data of the customers keeping in mind the interest of the alliance. CCI Chairman Ashok Kumar Gupta said that we’re thinking of that the apprehensions. He declined to provide more details.

Gupta stated that CCI is also looking into whether the new Partner in such alliances comes under assessment. He said that in certain alliances and takeover instances, it has been seen that the spouse has escaped scrutiny despite the hazard present. With the agreement of Facebook and Jio this networking company is going to have access to a good deal of data.

As a result of this information of individuals shouldn’t be used in a manner that is wrong, it needs to be guaranteed.

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But, no time has been stated by the CCI for the Final verdict in the case. According to the current rules, when the CCI does not have a decision then this arrangement will be considered okay.

Facebook has said to the CCI in this in the application Matter that no rules have been broken in this agreement. Facebook and its WhatsApp, subsidiary, are operating to set a marketplace By means of this investment.

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