Champions League Upset Alert 2024: Dark Horse Teams That Could Shake Things Up

The Champions League is one of the most prestigious tournaments in football and its 2024 edition promises to be just as thrilling. With several dark horse teams that have been making strides over the past few years, there could be some major upsets in store.

While the traditional powerhouses will always have an edge, these unheralded teams may prove to be more than capable of shaking things up when it comes to Europe’s top competition. In this article, brought to you by UFABET, we take a look at which teams are poised for success heading into 2024 and their chances of upsetting the Applecart on their way to glory.

Unfancied Teams That Could Prove Dangerous in the 2024 Champions League

As the 2024 Champions League approaches, many of the top teams are expected to be in contention for glory. However, several unfancied sides could prove dangerous and shake things up with an unexpected upset. From surprise packages in lesser-known leagues to traditional powerhouses that have gone under the radar, here are some dark horse teams that will certainly not lack ambition when they arrive at Europe’s elite competition. For starters, there is Maccabi Haifa from Israel.

After three consecutive runner-up finishes in the Israeli Premier League, this team has finally achieved promotion and their first-ever appearance in the Champions League. With their determination and committed approach to football on full display throughout their campaign last season, they could well make a significant impact against more established European opponents next year. Elsewhere on the continent, Dinamo Brest from Belarus should not be overlooked either as a potential contender for upsets in 2024. Boasting some talented players within their squad alongside experienced coach Sergey Kovalchuk at the helm, it would come as no surprise if this side managed to cause some headaches for those higher up in Group A or B during matchday one onwards – despite being unfancied by most people outside of Eastern Europe ahead of next years tournament start date.

Finally back home but still away from our usual suspects lies Dutch club AZ Alkmaar; while Ajax Amsterdam may take all headlines due to its historical success over recent years – AZ Alkmaar has quietly been building itself into a formidable force domestically too having won two Eredivisie titles since 2011/12 season along with reaching UEFA Europa League quarterfinals twice since then (in 2014/15 & 2017/18 campaigns). They can offer plenty of surprises going forward if given the chance – so keep your eyes peeled!

Under-the-Radar Teams to Keep an Eye on in the 2024 Champions League


As the 2024 Champions League approaches, there are a handful of teams that tend to fly under the radar in comparison to their more heavily favored competitors. While these dark horse teams may not receive as much attention or recognition, they still can shake things up and make an impact on the competition. Take Inter Milan for example: while they had a mixed result in the 2020/2021 season, with some strong showings against major opponents, they could surprise many if they qualify for the Champions League next year.

Similarly, Ajax Amsterdam has consistently been competitive within their division despite being relatively small compared to other clubs in Europe. With newly appointed manager Erik ten Hag at the helm along with rising stars like Ryan Gravenberch and Lassina Traore making headlines this season, don’t be surprised if Ajax makes waves in next year’s tournament. Atletico Madrid is yet another team that could be one of those dark horses who prove tough opponents when it comes time for the knockout rounds of the tournament.

Boasting veteran players such as Saul Niguez and Diego Costa alongside exciting new additions such as Marcos Llorente and Joao Felix – Atletico looks set for success both domestically and on European stages come 2024. Other sides worth keeping an eye out for include Borussia Monchengladbach from Germanys Bundesliga; FC Porto from Portugals Primeira Liga; Lyon from Frances Ligue 1; plus numerous others across Europe who will undoubtedly provide interesting matchups throughout the competition!

Dark Horses Lurking in the Shadows of the 2024 Champions League

The 2024 Champions League is set to be an exciting tournament, with some of the world’s best teams vying for glory. But dark horses are lurking in the shadows that could shake up the competition and throw a spanner in the works. These underdogs have what it takes to upset the favorites and make their mark on this year’s tournament. One team that could surprise everyone is FC Impact, who have been quietly building a strong squad for years now. Their underdog status means they don’t get as much recognition as some of their more established rivals, but behind closed doors, they’ve been working hard and developing their style of play – one which has already seen them beat some big names in recent friendlies.

Another potential wildcard contender is AS Monaco, whose young players possess all the attributes needed to cause an upset or two against top-level opposition. They may lack experience compared to their opponents but they more than makeup for it in enthusiasm and determination; if given enough time on the pitch then anything can happen! And finally, there is Atletico Madrid, another side that is used to being underestimated by outsiders but never underestimates themselves when it comes down to crunch time matches. With experienced veterans such as Diego Costa leading from upfront and Koke pulling strings from midfield, Atletico Madrid is sure to give any opponent a real run for their money come match day at the Champions League – after all you can never write off a team like this!

Surprising Sides Ready to Make a Mark on the 2024 Champions League


As the 2024 Champions League approaches, teams from across Europe who were not expected to make a splash are ready to prove that they have what it takes. From Belgium’s underrated Red Star FC to Turkey’s up-and-coming Fenerbahçe, these dark horse clubs are gaining momentum and could cause some major upsets in the upcoming tournament. Red Star FC has been around for decades but is now finally getting its chance on the international stage. With a squad full of rising stars, they will be looking to surprise those who doubted them and take home the trophy at the end of it all. Meanwhile, Fenerbahçe has recruited some of football’s biggest names and boasts a dynamic offense that can score goals in bunches.

Along with this lethal attack is an experienced defense that could stifle opponents if given time on the ball. Both teams have big dreams but also understand how difficult it will be to win against more established teams like Bayern Munich or Manchester City. Nevertheless, both sides are extremely motivated and hungry for success which makes them dangerous opponents for anyone going into this competition expecting an easy ride through uncharted waters. As we get closer to the kick-off of the day in 2024, don’t be surprised if one (or both) of these surprising sides makes a mark on the Champions League landscape!

Lesser-Known Clubs Set To Cause an Uproar In The 2024 Champions League

The 2024 Champions League is set to be an event of surprise and excitement, as lesser-known clubs from across the continent prepare to challenge the current powerhouses. With top teams such as Barcelona, Manchester City, and Juventus expected to compete for European glory once again, it could be one of the most intriguing seasons in recent memory. Amongst those dark horse teams preparing to cause an uproar are Ajax Amsterdam, Borussia Dortmund, and Atletico Madrid.

These three clubs have all experienced success in their respective leagues in recent years; however, they remain relatively unknown on the European stage. Nonetheless, they have proved that they can rise against some of Europe’s biggest opponents when given a chance – making them serious contenders for this year’s title race. What sets these three sides apart from others is their tactical flexibility and adaptability; both have been known to switch between different formations depending on their opponent’s style of play.

This gives them the advantage over more established clubs who often stick with one system regardless of the opposition faced – allowing them the opportunity to outwit any team put in front of them. It remains to be seen if any or all of these teams will make it through group stages into knockout rounds; however, there is no denying that each has what it takes to upset even Europe’s strongest sides come May 2024. Undoubtedly fans should keep a close eye on these potential underdogs throughout the Champions League season – because whichever side ultimately triumphs at Wembley Stadium may very well come from outside expectations!


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