China’s reusable spacecraft successfully returned to the landing site

China’s light-hearted reusable experimental spacecraft, that has been introduced into orbit two weeks past, successfully returned to an own predetermined landing website on Sunday.

The thriving return marks a significant breakthrough in China “research on reusable spacecraft engineering, which will offer a more practical and economical means for the peaceful utilization of space, ” Said CGTN TV documented.

Chinese military officers, that had been tight-lipped in regard to the launching before, stated there were numerous firsts in the launching. “The spacecraft is fresh, the launching technique is also distinct,” they stated.

A formal, quoted from the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post Sunday, failed to comment on the facts of the mission but indicated “perhaps you are able to have a peek at this US X-37B.”

The X-37B is a unmanned space aircraft which functions like a more compact version of the shuttle, that can be found by a crane and rocket back to ground for a helicopter landing.

It’s four categorized missions up to now, carrying covert payloads on long-duration flights from Earth orbit, as the Post report said.

Friday’s launching includes weeks after China started Tianwen-1, the nation’s first Mars mission, from Hainan in late July.

A month before this, China finished the community of satellites because of its BeiDou navigation system, a rival to the Global Positioning System (GPS) method of the United States.

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