Coronavirus Worldwide Cases: New World Record

Today Coronavirus worldwide cases have reached to 6.5 million, as 388,244 deaths while 3,181,128 individuals have recovered, according to the report, these numbers are changing every minute.

The united states still in the worst condition of coronavirus. In United states the total number of cases reached to the mark of 1,902,031, almost nearly 2 million.

In US, 109,146 people was died due to covid-19 till now and 688,670 has recovered, and still have 1,104,215 active cases.

US also faced the racism internal war, after one black person killed by a US police officer. This racism internal war can increase the number of covid-19 cases in US, and the condition of US can be worst than worst.

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India took the 7th position in the covid-19 cases just after Italy and UK. India condition is also starting worsting day-to-day in the matter of caveat-19 cases.

After starting the Unlock 1.0 from 1 June, Just after the 4.0 lockdown in India the covid-19 cases are starts rapidly increasing. Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi have the worst condition in the country.

India Covid-19 Cases reached at 2,16,919, and 6,075 people have died due to this deadly virus, and 1,04,107 has recovered.

Brazil is in 2nd position of covid-19 world graph. In Brazil total number of positive cases are 584,562, and 32,568 people have lost their life, and 266,132 has recovered. Brazil still has 285,862 active cases, and among them 8318 people are in critical condition.

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Russia is in the third position of Covid-19 cases. In Russia 441,108 people found coronavirus positive, 204,623 people are recovered, and 5,384 was died due to this novel coronavirus. Russia still has 231,101 active cases and 2300 people are in critical condition.

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