COVID-19 Update: Italy’s active Coronavirus infections drop below 30,000

Italy registered a total of 236,305 coronavirus instances, since the number of infections dropped below according to the latest data.

There were instances across the nation, with a decrease of 1,640 cases compared to Thursday, the Civil Protection Department said on Friday in its daily bulletin, Xinhua news agency reported.

On a daily basis, a few 227 patients are currently down by nine patients of those infected.

Another 3,893 are hospitalized with symptoms (down by 238), and 24,877 individuals — or 86 percent of those infected — are isolated in the home without symptoms or with mild symptoms.

The total number of people cured grew to 173,085 following recoveries were enrolled.

Some 56 new fatalities were registered over the 24 hours, which attracted the nation’s death toll .

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Prosecutors questioned Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte within an ongoing probe into flaws of the central authorities in setting up zones around a number of the hot spots of northern Lombardy region, during the first stage of the coronavirus pandemic.

The question was opened from the Bergamo city’s prosecution office, following a group of COVID-19 victims’ relatives filed public legal complaints with regard to the production of red zones around two Lombardy’s small cities — Nembro And Alzano — which, they said, should happen to be ordered whenever the outbreak was seen.

Besides the prime minister, prosecutors also questioned Health Minister Roberto Speranza and Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese in the Italian capital on Friday.

In an interview with La Stampa newspaper ahead of meeting with prosecutors in the morning, Conte stressed that he was not in any way concerned about the probe. “I behaved with conscience and based on science,” he said.

Meanwhile, a draft program was unveiled by local media for the start of the States-General of Economy.

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A panel of Italian and foreign economists would then collect in the day on the theme”Policy in the Post-COVID world: opportunities and challenges,” according to Ansa.

Earlier this month Depending on the government, the event will take place in the Doria Pamphilj palace at the capital, and was intended to draw officials and experts in order to plan the post-COVID retrieval of Italy.

“We shall hold the States-General of the Economy together with the finest of our country’s forces, we will talk and collect the most useful tips, and also the very best advice,” Conte had explained during an event on the electronic market on June 4.

“We will seek (advice from) the most brilliant minds of the nation’s productive body in order to afterwards unveil our Recovery Plan into the public comment.”

In a report issued on June 8, the nation’s National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) predict the Italian gross domestic product (GDP) would contract by 8.3 percent this year due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, followed by a partial recovery of 4.6 percent in 2023.

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