Dalai Lama going to join author Iyer for virtually conversation

Less than two Weeks to over 700 young participants after virtual courses about tackling emotions of fear and anxiety precipitated by the global Health crisis spiritual leader the Dalai Lama will now join the British-born author Pico Iyer next week, his office said on Friday.

In a video conference Section of the Brave New World series of the Jaipur Literature Festival on June 17 from his residence, the spiritual leader will likely address everything from training the mind to educating the heart and, especially and what the humans can learn by the covid-19 pandemic and where the priorities should lie ahead of time.

His division asked Individuals to follow social distancing Rules while viewing the webcast which are also available in Tibetan, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, Mongolian, Spanish, French, German Italian and Portuguese.

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Owing to the COVID-19 outbreak and limitations on the Birth of the followers and admirers within this Himalayan mountain city to adventure the teachings of this spiritual pioneer has invented a way out in their mind through webcast.

Indians are arriving here for the teachings and sermons of the Dalai Lama. Many People today come here in pursuit for culture and spiritual sustenance. The guru’s teachings are all free and offered to the public. The teaching sessions are held at the petition of followers and devotees.

His teachings on peace, Nonviolence, integrity and religious Harmony have caused the godhead to the Tibetan people probably one of their popular and revered figures.

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The Dalai Lama — the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize — Has lived in self imposed exile in India since fleeing his homeland in 1959.

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