Define the term Bureaucracy.

The term “bureaucracy” is derived from the French word “bureau” which means a writing table or desk. Bureaucracy simply means “desk government”. By following the definition of democracy, one may define bureaucracy as government of the bureaus, by the bureaus and for the bureaus. if we use the term in this sense, it develops a nasty air.

Sometimes the term is used with approbation, It symbolizes a man eminent for experience, for knowledge and for responsibility. In Europe the term ordinarily denotes the body of regular government servants and is emotionally neutral in context.

The term bureaucracy is used for many meanings. Some say it is for efficiency, but other say it is for in-efficiency. To some it is a term synonymous with civil service and to other it refers to a body of officials.

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Webster’s Third International Cambridge Dictionary defines. bureaucracy as “systematic administration characterized by specialization of functions, objective qualification for office, action according to fixed rules and a hierarchy of authority”

J.S. Mill used the term to denote the professional governors of the government in a society.

To Laski bureaucracy is rule of the officials in a system of government. Herman Finner also described bureaucracy as rule by officials. Mosca described bureaucracy as one class of ruling elites whose rule is absolute.

Marshall E.Dimock identified bureaucracy with institutions and large scale organizations in society.

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Prof. Charles Hyneman defined bureaucracy is a big organization. However, the term bureaucracy is being issued with different meaning to signify different things. It was Max Weber, a German sociologist, who gave it a respectable and positive implication.

He is the master of the concept of bureaucracy. Nobody can deny the fact that his model has been claimed as “universal”. It is universal because Weber contributed a rational type of bureaucracy. Weber has formulated an ideal or rational type of bureaucracy.

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