Describe the relationship of public administration with politics, economic and psychology.

The earlier writer mention that Public Administration as an independent branch of study but when Public Administration gained a sense of security it come to be recognized that public administration is related to other social sciences. For the growth of modem state, public administration play a significant role in the society and it has been rightly described as the “heart of modem civilization”.

It is also create social harmony and maintain peace and stability in the society. Public administration generally concerned with the activities of the government, it also concerned with the people, and it is also distinct from private administration. Public administration is thus, not a separate and independent discipline but it is only a part of the social sciences.

Politics and Public Administration

Public administration was a part of politics and the field of administration is the field of business. Politics is state activity in things general and universal while administration is the activity of the state in individual and small things.

Politics is thus the general administration of the technical official. Politics is the pursuit of power and it aims at the advancement of public interest but Administration is the exercise of power. Thus, public administration and politics does not stand deviated from each other. Administration must know the political conditions and a politician must know as administration. The study of public administration deals with all the processes of policy formalization, political parties and public opinion.

But International relations and public administration meet not only in the matters of organisation, but also in those of management and technique. Therefore, both. politics and administration need for the development of the modern states.

Economics and Public Administration

The study of public administration has everyday to deal with immence economic probleins. Public administration began to increase due to industrial revolution and technological inventions in our social life. Economics now occupy a key role in the administration of most nations. Economic planning is ‘ dominating concern of public administration in many of the developing countries in the world,.

More recently economists have introduced new methods of analyzing the costs and benefits of government programmes, for the welfare of the people. Planning. Programming Budgeting System (PPBS) was officially introduced in the United States of America in the year of 1961. But now, PPBS has become a fashion and most of the nations of Western Europe, japan and some of the developing nations have introduced it.

International economic competitions made it necessary for the state to protect home industries and encourage foreign trade. Every administrative policy must evaluate its economic  consequences. Today, governments are directly responsible for the improvement in the standard of living of the people. Thus, the knowledge of economics has become necessary for the present day administration for effective Public Administration.

Psychology and Public Administration

Psychology deals with the, behavior of man in society: It inquires into the mind of man and his behavior, both as an individual and in groups and explains the motives of human action in the society. William McDougal, in his book An Outline of Psychology” observes, ‘Psychology is a science which aims to give us better understanding and control of the organism as a whole.”

The use of psychology is increasing specially in the field of public administration and industrial administration. Psychology has provided an insight into the process of motivation to an employee which can help in improving personnel systems in government. So that, the human relations theory of administration is basically a psychological approach which has made a special contribution to the study of Public Administration.

The approaches of administrative thinkers like Herbert Simon, Elton Mayo, Abraham Maslow, McGregor, Rensis Likert are based on fundamentals of psychology. Psychological test has been adopted by Public Service Commission for the purpose of selecting candidates to public services. Today a successful administrator is one who is successful psychologist. It has brought about a radical change in the study of public administration.

On the whole, public administration plays a prominent role not only in the management of men and material, bin also in policy formulation through politician or ministers. The ideas of democracy are based on progress, prosperity and protection of the common man, only through impartial, honest and efficient administration.

So it need a faithful administrator for the development of the society or states. While government may come and go, ministers May rise and fall, the administration of a country goes on for ever. No revolution can change its rules and regulations.

Thus, public administration is related to all the social sciences and it work in close cooperation in social science for successful outcome of administrative efforts. Public Administration operates in society, polity and economy. It is culture bound.

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