Describe the role of Radio and TV or Communication in education.

Communication medium like TV, films, charts or other illustrations play a very important role in promoting education. Knowledge from one person to another can be transmitted through these mediums. Let us now briefly study some of these mediums.

Media and Educational Environment : Media like TV and Radio have led to an expansion in education, thereby creating an educational environment. People who were deprived of formal education can get lot of information through these media.

Media and Distance Education : When an education is important through correspondence, audio-visual ads, like radio, telephone, or television, it is a distance education. People who want to study with employment or while working at home can be benefited with number of open universities which provide distance education. Broadcast of Lessons by AIR and Doordarshan

AIR and Doordarshan has organized many enrichment programmes which supplement the classroom teaching. The TV medium is more effective than AIR as the former provides us with the visual presentation of the study material.

Education and the Media in Future Plans : Government of India has ,approved many educational plans through radio, television and video. More Radio stations and separate educational channels will be provided. Even a dedicated satellite system will be provided for the educational needs of people. Lastly, a National Center of Educational Information will be established.

ROLE OF COMMUNICATION IN CULTURAL UNDERSTANDING : Communication medium like radio, TV and cinema can help in understanding the culture of a particular community. The characteristics like Music, dance, literature, traditions, etc. of a community can be learnt through mediums.

Media, Religion, Language and Culture : In India people differ largely in their cultural activities. The religion and the language of one person differ from the other. But living in the same environmental conditions, all believe in humanism, tolerance, justice and other. values. Media helps in carrying messages to all these communities and plays an important role in unity and progress.

Media and Scientific Outlook in Culture : Our leaders like Gandhi ji and Nehru ji believed in scientific outlook in culture. Communication medium has helped us to have a belief in these ideas, in believing the common bonds of history and in developing an objective.

Media and General Cultural Awareness : General cultural awareness of different places f India is an easy task now-a-days through all the communication mediums. TV has helped us in knowing the climatic conditions, the road link and in understanding the cultural mosaic of the entire people. Evolution of Composite Culture

Media is slowly influencing the evolution of a composite culture. All the mediums like TV, radio and cinema support the concept of composite and of exchange of literary and artistic forms between one region and another.

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