The online education system stealing someone else’s ideas and thoughts and submitting it to different instructors with no prior approval is known as plagiarism.

Students on different levels try to cheat in their academics, despite strong policies and distressing plagiarism penalties. Many of them think that it’s even necessary to cheat to stay competitive.

Checking for plagiarism becomes more challenging to control while handling online education. In E-learning, It’s easier to snip ideas to complete assignments.

For every eLearning trainer, it’s more challenging to control students’ academic honesty. They can’t directly detect if a student copies exam answers or uses others’ work and rephrases it to sound innovatively different to avoid copyright violation, etc.

Therefore, it becomes compulsory to take help from some AI-based plagiarism checker tool to verify the uniqueness and individuality of work. By avoiding plagiarism in online learning, students and teachers can generate a positive result of their online education.

Needs to Develop Plagiarism Detection Tools:


Plagiarism is an extremely unbearable act in the literary and digital community. It is a practice that all trustworthy individuals and educational institutes are trying to avoid. Some of the major reasons to develop tools to check for plagiarism in e-learning are discussed below:

To search in a variety of databases:

One of the major reasons to develop plagiarism detection tools is to gain access to several databases. With such tools, teachers and students will be able to cross-check papers across a high volume of academic content.

Furthermore, the development of tools to check for plagiarism help students and course instructors search through many databases and indexes. Consequently, any incidents of plagiarism can be detected, and appropriate action can be taken to eliminate them.

Plagiarism detection tools provide educational aid:

If a course instructor discovers that any paper or assignment has been plagiarized, they can then use these tools to generate a plagiarism report to show the learner how to cite references properly.

Tools to check for plagiarism support learners in improving their writing and research skills, which eventually improves the overall learning experience.

Offers opportunity to get an educational experience

Learners and course instructors must be aware of the consequences of plagiarism to have successful academic careers. Development of plagiarism detection tools in eLearning help students to develop moral and ethical boundaries regarding the content they generate, whether for their class project or professional projects.

Moreover, a tool to check for plagiarism enables learners to get the most out of the educational experience. The reason is that they will help them to acquire and retain the information to write a paper in their own words.

Discourages learners from plagiarizing:

When students are aware that institutes are using the tool to check for plagiarism, they will be less likely to copy the work.

When instructors inform students that all of their papers will be checked by plagiarism detection tools, they will stop plagiarizing their work. Often, just a statement that the institute is using a plagiarism detection tool to check the uniqueness of online work will be enough to deter copying amongst learners.

Ensure that eLearning course content is unique:

  • It will be good for every eLearning course or content developer to run their work through a plagiarism-detection tool before uploading it or distributing it among the students.
  • In this way, the development of such tools supports course instructors and students to uphold their professional credibility.
  • They enable them to avoid any issues later on due to copyright violations.

Uses of plagiarism detection tool for students and teachers:


An efficient and quick plagiarism detection tool has the potential to help students and teachers in the following ways:

  1. Most of the Plagiarism Checkers highlight every line or expression that is already available on the Internet. Consequently, they provide the opportunity to never miss any plagiarized content in their essay.
  2. They provide details about sources of the original content. Just by clicking on the link, plagiarism check tools will instantly take you to the source’s site.
  3. Everyone finds it difficult to rewrite the whole content to avoid plagiarism. Using a plagiarism detection tool, students can easily highlight the copied sentences and then rephrase them to generate unique and credible content within a minimum time.
  4. These tools serve as a way to show honesty in academics as well as on professional grounds.

Plagiarism detection tool:


One of the most efficient and competitive plagiarism detection to check for plagiarism is “DupliChecker”.

DupliChecker is the most effective free plagiarism checker that is available on the Internet. Some of the captivating features of this free plagiarism detector are:

This duplication checker doesn’t have a fancy interface; therefore, it certainly gets its job done very well easily.

This online plagiarism tool does not demand to pay anything for its unlimited use.

This plagiarism checker is presented with a very basic, practical layout that does not need any previous experience.

Duplichecker enables you to check for plagiarism by copying and pasting text in the given field or uploading a document file from the computer.

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