Difference between Packing and Packaging.

Packing and Packaging.

Packing refers to the external protective covering used for the safe transportation of the goods to the importer. Packing means the wrapping, compressing, filling and creating of goods before they are transported or stored. It is merely a physical action and provides a handling convenience, e.g., rice, cotton, wheat or any other agricultural produce. It is necessary to prevent flowing out of such liquids as milk, drinks, sauces, etc.

It is essential to maintain freshness, and quality, e.g., of butter, ghee, cream, cheese etc. It can prevent the danger of adulteration, especially in edible oils, spices, ghee, drugs and medicines and other eatables. For example, liquids are placed in barrels, bottles or cans but cotton and jute are compressed into bales. Other goods may be packed in boxes or bags as the case may be.

Packaging is the sub-division of the packing function of marketing. It involves more than simply placing product in containers or covering them with wrappers. Packaging has been defined as an activity which is concerned with protection, economy, convenience, and promotional considerations.

The Indian Institute of Packaging has defined packaging as the embracing functions of package, selection manufacture, filling and handling. Packaging obviously is closely related to labeling and branding because the label appears on the package and the brand is typically on the label.

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