Discuss about Ingredients of the News?


News items have some particular features. Some of them are discussed below:

Timeliness: News has short life and must be timely. It will not be news if it is already known or reported long after its happening. A train accident happens on Monday will not be news on Thursday.

Nearness or Proximity: The community, the reader, is more interested in what happens in his locality, village, town or country rather than in distant places. A football match in New York will not be of any interest to the people in Mumbai. People are more interested in the news which has an immediate impact on them. Rise in milk prices in Orissa will be of no interest to the readers in Delhi.

Conflict: Conflicts of all types .make news. It may be clash .between two rival gangs or groups of people in a street or conflict between two countries, they are news.

Prominence: The prominence of the person involved in an event or in any occurrence enhances the value of news. Assassination of US President will make the world headlines, but the murder of a village chief may be carried only in a local daily.

Government Action: A government order, action or announcement makes news. The Indian government decision on giving most favored nation status to Pakistan makes news.

Development Projects and Issues: Progress in any development projects or some developments in an issue make news. Completion of Dadri power plant in Uttar Pradesh makes news. Similarly, the India Government’s invitation to Kashimiri separatists for talks makes news.

Human Interest: A happening or an event if is of human interest, that will be news. The death of the tallest person in the world makes news.

Weather and Sports: The,weather and the sports make news. Newspapers take arrival of monsoon or cyclone4 news on front page. Newspapers have separate section for sports.

Follow-up: Follow-up and update of some events or on issues make news. The development two days after a plan crash will make news what the probe over the accident says, what the government action over it and how the families of victims have been affected is news.

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