Discuss the Scope of Public System Management, and Point out the Concerns these Initiatives Address.

Present day governments believe in result based government and this requires a professional working atmosphere in place. This can be achieved when there is accountability and responsibility. Performance improves when there is an incentive as in the case of corporate sector. Therefore, the scope of public systems management includes:

  1. Importance should be given to the end result rather than to the means of achieving the result.
  2. Putting itself through competition so that high standards of quality are maintained at all times.
  3. The public administrations core focus has to be the customer always.
  4. Taking help of other non-government organizations etc. to implement the organisations policies successfully.
  5. De-regulating government activities to make it goal focused.
  6. Give authority and responsibility to its work force to ensure coordination.
  7. Moreover from traditional methods of working and adapt to the changes taking place and also be prepared with the future in mind.
  8. Bring in a culture of corporate world where importance is given to performance, evaluation, autonomy to the organization.

The basic concerns pointed out by Kettle (2002) that New Public Management initiatives look into are:

Productivity: How can the government ensure more production per person while minimizing costs?

Marketisation: This aims at bringing the market forces into the organizational set up and aiming to do away with the bureaucratic maladies.

Service-orientation: This aims at keeping the consumer the focal point and ensuring the service provided to him is in sync what has been promised.

Decentralization: The people coming in direct contact with the general public should be given the authority to use their decision-making for the benefit of those people.

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