Discuss about Formation and Functions of ‘IATO’.

The Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO) was established in 1981. The idea has been “to promote international understanding and goodwill to the ultimate advantage. “A joint forum of tour operators, the association promotes and aids the development of tourism in India. This is done either directly or through discussions and meetings with other bodies and agencies.

The membership is open to organizations of good professional reputation and standing who have been connected with tourism and for travel industry for at least one year. However, there are certain other conditions also as per the category of membership.

Active Members: Eligibility for this category includes

  • A firm or company having an established place of business in India.
  • Recognized by the department of tourism as a tour operator/travel agent for a minimum period of one year,
  • Its major substantial part of activity of promotion of tourism and foreign exchange earning in a year is minimum Rs.10,00,000.

Allied Members:

Any firm or company, which is regularly engaged or associated with the tourism and travel industry and is recognized by the state or central government or by their trade association such as carrier companies, hoteliers, caterers, excursion agents transport contractors, forwarding and cleaning agents, shipping companies, state tourist organizations and trade publications.

Other Categories: Other categories of membership includes

  • Overseas Allied Members.
  • Associate Members.
  • Honorary Members.

The IATO aims at

Promotion of national integration, international welfare and goodwill.

Assistance of students by scholarship to pursue higher education, study and research particularly in the field of development of tourism and international brotherhood both in India and outside the country.

Instituting chairs and fellowships in India. Conduct of aiding the assisting seminars, group discussions, course of studies, cultural meetings etc.

Taking all steps which may be necessary for promoting, encouraging and assisting the development of tourism throughout the country and taking initiative to secure the welfare of the tourism trade in all respects.

Encouraging and promoting friendly feelings among the tour operators and travel agents on all subjects involving their common good and benefit.

Promoting equal opportunity, for all visitors to enjoy the tourism and travel facilities without distinction of the race, color, creed or nationality. Setting up and maintaining high ethical standards in the industry.

Communicating with chambers of commerce, other mercantile, and public bodies in India, government departments or committees, International Air Transport Association and various foreign and local association and corporations, companies and concerns and promoting measures in the interest of the travel trade and nominating members to act on them.

Getting affiliation with similar organizations in other countries. Producing regular reports about the achievements of the members of the Association and doing all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above object.

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