Discuss the Genesis of Development Administration.

Genesis of development administration.

At the time when India gained independence, the problems of poverty, unemployment and population were present in severe condition. We were lagging behind in material and human resources development, our progress was nominal in industrial and agricultural fields. The private entrepreneur was also hesitating to shoulder the responsibility of development, in this situation it was all left with the government to deal with the situation.

At the first instance, it was thought that it would not be beneficial to fallow western model for developing country like India, because there was a wide difference between their and ours social and economic structure. Our problems were also different from theirs.

So, it was thought of to develop a kind of administrative system that would be suitable for the needs of our own. Development here was seen as an overall development, development in industrial, agricultural, technological, social, cultural and political fields. People’s participation and support was another important ingredient in this big task. The ground and hard realities of third world called for the adoption and execution of new approaches of change. This realization led to the emergence of the concept of development administration.

This change in approach gave a new meaning to the concept of development and administration. Now, development came to be defined as a holistic term including the elements of economics, societal, cultural and politics.

Thus, it emerged as a process confined not only an economic development but an over all welfare activities. This changed the meaning of development and introduced a new thinking regarding the methods and techniques to be adopted for bringing about development.

Now emphasis shifted or we can say included the human development and its participation in development along with mere infrastructural development. It was thus established that the administrative agenda should not be same in all the countries. Also administration in a given country can be understood and evaluated only in the light of its cultural and political setting. This was termed as environment or ecology of Public Administration.

SO, the only and prime objective of development administration is to introduce modernization through augmented socio-economic change qualitatively and quantitatively.

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