Discuss the key elements of development administration model.

Development administration model developed during 1950s to bring about development in underdeveloped and developing societies or countries. The factors that helped in development and success of the idea were:

  • Success in dealing with depression.
  • Success in dealing the after affects of Second World-War.
  • Getting rid of cold-war.
  • Process of decolonization and
  • Success of Marshal Plan given for reconstruction of Western Europe.

The Instrumental Theory of Administration and popular Government occupied the foremost position in this model. According to it, for any development programme, administrative reforms are needed at first. It was believed the Administrative development in developing countries could be achieved only with the aid of western administrative technology.

The main elements of the development administration model were:

  • Establishment of planning institutions and agencies.
  • Improvement of the central administrative systems.
  • Budgeting and financial control and
  • Personal management and organization and methods. This model primarily laid emphasis on three requirements:→ Reforming the administrative structures.
    → Creation of new agencies improving the administrative technology in terms of methods and
    → Procedures and practices on the lines of western administrative thought.

The western theorists whose theories were used in developing countries were Weber, Luther Gullick, Charles Taylor.

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