Discuss the main characteristics of Neolithic age culture.

One of the main characteristics feature of Neolithic stage of culture was domestication of animals and plants. The term Neolithic age denotes an age of stone tools, which were not even polished or even made properly. Besides they were of different form. It was an independent, self-sustaining economic structure in which food was produced self-sufficiently.

The main characteristic features of Neolithic age comprised of :

  • Domestication of animals.
  • Agriculture practice.
  • Modification of stone tools., and
  • Pottery making.

But in modern terminology, Neolithic age denotes an age where people led a sedentary life having assured supply of food through cultivation of cereals. There were also traces of domestication of animals. The age signified pmetal age. The ground stone tools were the most important feature of Neolithic age.

The Neolithic age underwent few changes because of domestication of animals and agriculture :

  • Village communities based on sedentary life progressed.
  • Agricultural technology came into being.
  • Natural resources began to be exploited to have a better control over nature.
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