Distinguish between Mate’s Receipt and Shipping Order.

Mate’s Receipt and Shipping Order:

Mate’s Receipt is a document issued to the captain or mate  when an exporter loads goods directly in the ship. It is important to hand over the shipping order and shipping bill after the goods are loaded to the mate, the captain’s assistant. Mate issues a receipt to the shipper called Mate’s Receipt after checking the number of packages and packing. It is said to be a provisional receipt which has to be produced at the office of shipping company in order to obtain the Bill of Lading.

Shipping Order:

It is a document issued by the shipping company containing instructions to the captain of the ship to accept goods mentioned therein for shipping from the exporter. It has to be given to the mate, in order to obtain the Mate’s Receipt. Such a document can be obtained either from the shipping company or from its agent, after booking the cargo that has to be carried.

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