Distinguish between Traditional and Development Administration.

Traditional Administration and Development Administration differ from each other in terms of purpose, structure and organization, attitude and behaviour, capabilities, techniques and methods. The key difference between traditional and development administration can be summed up as follows:

Traditional Administration.

  • Traditional Administration is a kind of regulatory mechanism.
  • Traditional Administration emphasizes on individual performance. It is efficiency and economy oriented.
  • Traditional Administration believes in following Rules and Regulations. It is more concerned with the security, safety, comfort, status and power.
  • Traditional Administrations bound with hierarchical structure. And there is always strict and authoritative environment of mistrust.
  • Traditional administration is centralized in nature. Its decision-making process and rights are highly centralized.
  • Traditional Administration aims towards maintaining the status quo. Any change in organizational structure is retarded.

Development Administration.

Development Administration is concerned with new functions and problems and change accordingly.

Development Administration emphasizes on group performance and mutual collaborations. It is managerial and developmental in nature. Its orientation is towards organizational goals and effectiveness in achievement of goals.

Development Administration shows willingness to take risks. It is concerned with relationship and emphasizes on high standards for programs.
4. Development Administration holds flexibility. It is organized around achievement of goals. It depends more on cooperation and trust.

Development Administration has decentralized way of decision-making. Empirical studies are held to solve the problems and ,improve aids of decision-making.

Development Administration aspires to bring about changes. There is always space for changes, according to need of environment.

Traditional Administration is thus concerned with the fulfillment of legality and maintenance of social stability. Its chief aim is maintenance of Law and Order and collection of revenues. Development Administration on the other hand aims at upbringing the developmental values. It aims towards planning for people with people’s support and cooperation.

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