Driving mode in Google Assistant begins rolling out on Android

Google Assistant’s Driving Mode was first revealed at Google I/O 2019, however, the firm has been comparatively quiet about it since then. Driving Mode was intended to switch the phone to some minimalist interface using a single voice command, with a home page containing shortcuts to navigation, phoning, audio playback, and other choices.

Google after stated Driving Mode would substitute Android Auto’s On-phone manner, although the company originally said the transition could happen “at the forthcoming months,” that did not really pan out.

Before that month, it began to seem as the long-awaited Driving Mode may become a characteristic within Google Maps, as Opposed to the app-independent method of Assistant or even Android Auto.

It seems that performance has been rolled out into more Individuals, even though it’s still unsure whether it is a limited evaluation, or should Google intendeds to send this to everybody in the forthcoming months.

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The brand new Driving Mode is available by tapping on your photograph in The Google Maps program, pressing ‘Navigation configurations,’ and eventually picking ‘Google Assistant configurations’.

This menu took you to the overall Assistant Settings display (the exact same one available through Google Home, Hunt, etc.), but today it brings up a brand new board for Driving Mode.

You’re supposed to be able to say “OK Google, let’s drive” to bring up the new interface, but even for people with Driving Mode, that doesn’t appear to work yet.

In its present incarnation, Driving Mode provides a bottom Preferences to Google Maps using the Assistant button, a button to automatically scroll through confirmed programs, and press controls.

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The overall design is comparable to Android Auto, however, the controls have been moved around to suit the characteristic ratios of mobiles.

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