Edging During Masturbation: What Will You Discover?

So you’ve heard about edging a couple of times, mostly in the context of men, but what is it really, and what does it mean for you? If you’re unsure, there is so much to learn and explore with this sensation-enhancing form of sexual exploration. So snag your favorite V For Vibes vibrators and take notes; edging class 101 is about to start!

What is Edging?

Edging is the practice of orgasm control, an activity that enables you to explore your own pleasure and finish when you feel the time is right for you. Edging is achieved when you bring yourself to the metaphorical “edge” of pleasure, and right before your climax, you stop stimulation, wait, and repeat the process until you’re ready to reach that peak.

But why on earth would I do that? This article explains the benefits of edging during masturbation and how you can go about it.

The Physical Benefits of Edging:

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When you really analyze pleasure, we come to realize that the build-up to orgasm can be just as pleasurable as the orgasm itself. Edging is a way to extend the build-up towards that climax and allows complete control over your mind and body, opening up a new channel for your sexual enjoyment.

Megan Harrison, a licensed relationship therapist, says it best: “The intention is to repeatedly bring yourself, or your partner, to the brink of an orgasm—continually building the intense sensations so that when you finally decide to climax, you will be rewarded with a mind-blowingly powerful orgasm.”

1. It can make an orgasm feel that much better

According to ISSM – The International Society for Sexual Medicine – Edging has been seen to increase the intensity of orgasm for some, along with making a climax more satisfying after the exciting build-up to it.

2. It may help make your orgasm easier to reach

A study conducted in 2014 found that women who masturbate are more likely to reach orgasm than those who don’t. If you haven’t spent time getting to know your body and what feels good to you, you may find it difficult to have fulfilling sexual experiences. Edging during masturbation also promotes self-awareness and enables you to understand your orgasm and triggers in all its stages.

The Mental Benefits of Edging:

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It’s become widely accepted that females struggle to reach orgasm more so than men. There are so many theories as to why this is, from unsatisfactory sex with your partner to not understanding your body well enough, but every woman is different and needs to be viewed as such!

A significant factor in the build-up towards that big “O” is where your mind is at. Often being with a partner can bring on pressure to perform, or the fact that they’re breathing just a bit too animalistically may put you off entirely.

Either way, masturbation is a great way to remove those factors altogether and let you focus on yourself. Edging practice is something that every woman should consider implementing in their naughty routine for a few excellent reasons.

1. It gives you time for yourself

There’s nothing worse than feeling the need to rush yourself over to orgasm for the benefit of your partner. Masturbation is a way to cut that frustration out entirely and really give in to that luxurious “me” time, but sometimes, even alone, we tend to rush ourselves.

Edging during masturbation causes you to slow right down and really focus on the moment, cutting out all other thoughts. The constant shifting between pleasure and impatience is so tantalizing that your mind physically can’t drift away from what your body is feeling, allowing you to relish in your orgasm when you finally let yourself fall into it.

2. It teaches you about your body

There’s no better way to learn about your body than when it’s completely on edge and sensitive to every touch. Discovering your own edging technique is the key to your self-discovery, helping you to take note of and enjoy sensations that are often overlooked when you’re with your partner or rushing to that sensation of orgasm. You can learn more about your body during that build-up than imaginable.

3. The best sleep of your life and a mood boost to match!

Ever felt wide awake after getting it on? Chances are that your body is feeling ready for sleep when your mind is still active. Edging during masturbation or with a partner is mentally stimulating to the point that even your brain is fatigued after reaching such an unimaginable high. Along with the usual feeling of elation, edging can release even more of those feel-good hormones after orgasm too, and who doesn’t love to feel great!

How to Do it Right!

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Edging is a process that differs for each woman, and there certainly isn’t a right or a wrong way to achieve it, although there are some pointers that can help you successfully discover your personal edging technique. Remember, one of your goals is to discover more about your body, so shake things up and don’t be afraid to experiment.

  • Set the scene! You’re not going to feel so great when you’ve got dirty laundry all over your floor and if you’re not sure if you’ve locked your bedroom door while sharing an apartment with friends. Turn down the lights, bring in the music and create your ideal sexual atmosphere.
  • Romanticize yourself! You are the subject of your own sexual pleasure, treat yourself and give yourself dedicated edging practice time. Dress up in your favorite lingerie or wear your coziest socks and sweater, helping yourself to feel great before you even start edging during masturbation.
  • When you’re edging, it’s essential to remove all pressure of climax. Instead, focus on the current pleasure and exploration of your body; your orgasm will be inevitable when you don’t hyper-fixate on it.
  • Don’t distract yourself with porn. Instead focus on being mindful and in the moment. Use your mind to fantasize and enjoy your body for what it is – A beautiful vessel capable of incredible things.
  • Try to focus on how every touch and movement causes your body to react; if you try something new or discover something that you never knew felt so good before, explore it and follow it further to chase and discover the extent to which it pleasures you.
  • Try out a couple of sex toys for women if you feel like you’d benefit from them. Truth be told, it’s great to shake things up a little from time to time, and sex toys manifest otherwordly sensations impossible to replicate with only the human touch.
  • Edging isn’t about breaking records for the longest session ever recorded. There is no correct amount of time until it’s deemed “acceptable” to orgasm; the time is completely determined by how you feel in that exact situation.

Everybody is different

You can drive yourself silly trying to understand why some failproof technique on a blog didn’t work for you and get you to orgasm, but in the end, you will only ever know what works for your body through sexual experimentation. Lots of it! Any form of self-exploration helps you to discover yourself and what turns your body on. You’ll never know if you don’t try! And edging during masturbation, as much as it may be daunting at first, is one of the best ways to map your body’s pleasure.

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