Evaluate the recommendations of the National Policy of Education, 1986 and Program of Action.

The National Policy on Education (NPE) was adopted by Parliament in May 1986. A committee was set up under the chairmanship of Acharya Ramamurti in May 1990 to review NPE and to make recommendations for its modifications. That Committee submitted its report in December 1990.

At the request of the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) a committee was set up in July 1991 under the chairmanship of Shri N. Janardhana Reddy, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh at that time, to consider modifications in NPE taking into consideration the report of the Ramamurti Committee and other relevant developments having a bearing on the Policy, and to make recommendations regarding modifications to be made in the NPE.

This Committee submitted its report in January 1992. The report of the Committee was considered by the CABE in its meeting held on 5-6 May, 1992. While broadly endorsing the NPE, CABE has recommended a few changes in the Policy. The NPE 1986 and its POA envisages a meaningful partnership and new sharing of responsibility between the Union Government and States. This is operationalized through several Centrally Sponsored Schemes funded by the Department and implemented by States.

The National Policy on Education (NPE), 1986 and its Program of Action (POA) which was the result of deliberations, consultations and consensus was reviewed and updated in 1992. The introductory part of the POA envisages that given the rich diversity of India, it would be in the fitness of things if each State and Union territory formulates a State POA in accordance with their situational imperatives as well as with the POA, 1992.

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