Explain Need and Importance of Public Administrative Theory.

Public Administration is a specialized academic field and it deals with the machinery and procedures of governmental activities. Administration has been defined as cooperative human effort towards achieving some common goals. It is a means by which the policy decisions made by the political policy-makers are carried out and it is also the action part of the government.

But it is defined as the organisation and management of human and material resources to fulfill the objectives laid down by the government. Government means its three branches the legislative, the executive and the judicial.

According to Stephen K. Bailey, public administration deals with the development of four kinds of theories. Descriptive Theory, Normative Theory, Assumptive Theory, and Instrumental Theory.

Descriptive Theory: Descriptions of hierarchical structures and relationships with their sundry task environments.

Normative Theory: The “value goals” of the field that is, what public administrators (the practitioners) ought to do give their real of decision alternatives and what public administration (the scholars) ought to study and recommends to the practitioners in terms of policy.

Assumptive Theory: Assumptive theory basically related to the reality of the administrative person, a theory that assumes neither angelic nor static models of the public bureaucrat.

Instruments Theory: It deals with the managerial techniques for the efficient and effective attainment of public objectives.

Need and Importance of Public Administration Theory: 

Public Administration in a modern state is a government in action. The activities of government are almost look to the state. Today government has ceased to be merely the keeper of the peace, the arbiter of disputes and the providing of common and mundane services.

Public Administration is an integral part of the development process and has a significant role to play in national development and social change. It is responsible for ending social inequalities and providing social justice to the weaker sections of society. It is a great instrument in the spread of education, ending un touch ability, providing social status to each and everyone.

Public Administration plays a significant role in policy making in various fields. It helps the executive in identifying major policy areas, preparing major policy proposals, analyzing various alternatives and solutions, dividing the major policies into sub-policies.

In fact, bureaucracy is the only conceivable instrument capable of formulating and implementing the policies of modern government is called upon to undertake. From the above discussion, Public Administration is really government in action. It is true that public administration is mainly concerned with the executing and implementing part of governmental activity.

Thus, Public Administration consists of getting the work of government done by coordinating the efforts of the people so that they can work together to accomplish their set tasks. Public administration is concerned with the activities of the government, people and it differ from the private administration. Administration is essentially a matter of human relationships. It may be emphasized that the administrator is neither a philosopher nor a politician.

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