Explain organismic theory on relationship between individual and society?

Society is compared to the biological organisms: 

Herbert Spencer was the main propagator of this theory. He compared society and its various institutions to a human body which has different organs and mechanisms. Murray sums up Spencer’s theory in points while comparing a society to a human body:

Like biological organisms, society also grows in size. Like an organism grows from simple to complex forms, similarly society being a simple entity in past grew into a complex structure and is ever evolving.

A biological organism has various organs which perform their activities and are inter dependent of each other. Likewise, a society, with all its work in harmony while depending on each other, in simple terms division of labor.

In organisms the nervous system and the brain controls the entire body, in human societies, it is the law making body or the government, who regulates the actions of members of society through various rules and regulations.

Like organisms, society also has various stages of development infancy, childhood, youth and old age and finally the decline of the body.

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