Explain psychological hazards during Infancy Period.

Infants are very delicate and fragile beings who needs to be nurtured with warmth and affection. In the absence of which, there can be challenges to the overall growth and development of the infants.

Psychological Hazards During Infancy Period

Isolation From Mother:

If the infant is separated from the mother for any reason like mother’s ill-health or job, the infant is bound to get stressed. This is because there is a bond and proximity between the fetus and mother during pregnancy. The fetus acknowledge bonding with the mother.

If he/ she does not find his mother near him/ her, he gets stressed. This is showed in his mood. He becomes cranky. He is not able to gain weight even if provided proper feed.

Faulty Feeding Routine:

If the mother is careless and does not,feed the infant at proper time when the baby is hungry. The baby feels helpless. He is most of the time hungry and is crying due to hunger.

The mother does not understand this and yells at the baby all the time for crying. This works as a cycle and there is not warmth in the mother-infant relationship. There should be proper understanding by the mother of the infant’s needs and wants.

Lack of Body Contact:

The infant develop sense of security when he/she is in proximity of the mother but if the mother does not maintain proximity with the infant, the child becomes insecure. The infant is not able to take feed properly when the mother is not loving and does not embrace the child.

The infant even needs tender touch at the night time. These things should be understood well by the mothers to ensure healthy development of the infants.

Conversation and Play:

Though the infant is not able to converse properly till the infancy, still there is need of adequate stimulation and conversation and play which ensures that the infant feels that he/she is being attended. Infants get interested in rhymes and music. If cheerful atmosphere is given, there are more chances that infants will achieve their potential.

Child Abuse:

Unfortunately, due to increasing criminal activities, there are many chances of even infants getting molested by mentally challenged people: Child abuse leaves a child helpless and it leaves scar on the mind of the victims.

The parents should be highly vigilant and should not leave the infants alone with strangers or any elders other than family. It is to be noted here that infants needs utmost care and warmth in their interactions with the surrounding world.

If proper care is not given, they will develop insecurities which will later reflect in their behaviour.

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