Explain psychosocial hazards in early childhood period?

Speech Hazards: Children are many times faced with speech problems. It may happen that they have unclear speech. They may find problems in communicating their thoughts to their parents, teachers and guardians. Inability to communicate with others may lead to feeling of insufficiency and inferiority complex. If these feelings are persistent for long time, they may develop feelings of inadequacy.

Social Hazards: Social hazards are caused due to problems faced in community. Children may have issues with peers like bullying and teasing. There can be many reasons for children becoming bully and few of them becoming their victims. Many a times these bullying incidents are due to caste, creed, physical appearance, obesity, complexion, etc. The victims may not be able to tell their parents about the incidents until late and after that it becomes very difficult to completely erase the memory of those incidents and affect adversely in the long run.

Play Hazards: Play is an important part of childhood. We all remember what games we used to play in our childhood. Even we remember the names of our play partners till today. There can be many hazards related to playground too. There are many incidents in which we see that some children always remain isolated in the playground.

They either do not take part in play due to some internal problems like being introvert or they can be discarded by the peers due to their impulsive nature. The children who are discarded by the other children may not develop properly in terms of physical and motor skills which are needed in childhood. They may develop feelings of inferiority.

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