Explain the Micro and Macro level scenario of Tourism Human resource planning.

Micro and Macro level scenario of Tourism.

Micro level planning is the concept:

where planning is done on a smaller scale. In this, the planning covers aspects such as organizational set-up, responsibility of planning team, coordination among the planning team and other sectoral departments, process of plan formulation, implementation and its monitoring, allocation of divisible funds, availability of united funds, discretionary grants and power of appropriation.

Also required to improve the status of different aspects of micro level planning across states, including the planning machinery or organizational arrangements for formulation and implementation of micro level plans, the constitution of organizations and their roles; the designated district/ block/ mandal level schemes which are planned and implemented at the local level.

There are many cases in the past and present, in India that many development programs, which have faced many difficulties in achieving the objectives. The reasons may be contributed towards lack of awareness, misuse of funds, political influences, lack of awareness in using appropriate technology to design correct plan, lack of input in appropriate format and other factors. But at the same time there are few programs implemented successfully by the support of advanced technologies.

Geographical Information System is one such technology that allows us to develop a spatially connected database of any geographical aria, which is very crucial in planning, monitoring and decision-making. It is proved in many cases and resulted as a powerful tool in the hands of administrators and decision-makers. Today there are many departments using GIS and its relevant technologies.

Macro level planning:

Macro level planning is done on a bigger scale. In the case of India government taken steps to have flow of tourists and to materialize healthy tourism the plans were made and auctioned for which:

  • Human Recourse at the time of planning was catered to.
  • Requirement of Human Resource in the future is also looked into.
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