The Process of Staff Selection in Organization.

Process of staff selection is cumber, some, tiring time consuming and challenging, as making a choice is always difficult, especially when there is wide choice and there is only a original difference visible. Selection is process which goes through following steps:

Receiving Application:

When selection has to be done it has to be made an the basis of information given by the applicants in form of application of a qualification, skills and experience apart from personal information.

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Preliminary Screening:

Suitability of candidate of the job is established in the process of preliminary screening and only those who found more suitable are called for test or interview.

Holding of Test:

Usually a test is held to evaluate their knowledge and attitude and only successful candidates are asked to appear for the final interview.


The face to face interview by the team of selectors observes and interface with the candidate and forms its opinion to the seniority or the candidate vis-a-vis other candidates and arrive at a final decision.

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Selection is one of the most difficult of the options to be exercised by the selectors, as may candidates have too many similarities and a very little or no difference. But gives the facts is to be completed a final selection is made and communicated to the individual candidate.

It is agreed that the combination of written test and interview provide better result in the process of selection. But this method involves lots of preparation and expenditure, as the test paper has to be prepared for each different category of people and it has to be evaluated properly to very competent subject experts.

The test paper has to be designed keeping in view the education and technical qualifications of the candidate and should be designed to test topical knowledge and not the theoretical knowledge.

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Proper arrangements need to be made for conducting the written test invigilation and evaluation of test paper, preparing the result and announcing or communicating the out come of result to each candidate.

The test process is a very long and costly and is suitable when a very large number of applications are available and are purposed to be employed.

After the test and test results are communicated the process of interviews has to be undertaken in a planned and phased manner giving a lead time to all candidates who are being called for interview especially those being called from outside.

One to one interviews group discussion and presentation method can be used separately or in combination.

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The test result score and the interview score are added together of course interview score is accorded a higher weigh age than the test score. The final score obtained by a candidate forms the basis of selection.

One cannot deny that the combination of written test and interview provide better result.

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