Facebook Messenger adds screen sharing feature to its Android and iOS app.

Facebook adding new screen sharing feature to its messenger video calls and new video chat app. This new feature helps facebook to enhance competes with popular video calling platform such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet along with Microsoft Teams.

Facebook’s added screen sharing feature to its iOS and Android app. Facebook enlarging its video chat platform and using as coronavirus as a big market opportunity, as entire world working from home.

Screen sharing allow you to scroll through your photographs, Surf social websites or store together on line with friends more readily than ever before, Facebook said.

Messenger’s newest phone feature enables you to instantly share your screen with family and friends — in video calls up to eight members, or Messenger room feature to talk to up to 16 members.

You can also screen share in Messenger Rooms while on web and desktop. Sharing up to 50 members — that the present maximum in Messenger Rooms — will be arriving shortly, as per a Facebook news article.

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Screen sharing is currently available worldwide on the most recent variations of messenger in android, iOS, desktop & web version.

Screen sharing has become an indispensable tool, seamlessly integrated into the latest Messenger versions on Android, iOS, desktop, and web platforms, transcending geographical boundaries. Beyond its convenience, this feature enables users not only to showcase their screens but also effortlessly exchange photographs, enriching interactions. By amalgamating visual sharing with real-time image exchange, the Messenger experience is elevated, fostering a deeper and more immersive communication channel. Whether it’s collaborative work, sharing moments, or presenting ideas, this multifaceted functionality underscores the app’s commitment to enhancing global connectivity through versatile and user-centric features.

The Way to use Facebook Messenger Screen sharing in your Mobile

  1. Open the Messenger program in your mobile phone.
  2. Begin a video call by choosing a couple of contacts and Tapping on the camera.
  3. After the call, swipe on the toolbar in the bottom in which you will find the icons for either hanging up or turning off your mic.
  4. In the expanded menu, then tap Share your screen.

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