Golang Chinese malware targeting Windows & Linux machines

Cyber-security scientists have discovered a new version of crypto miner malware out of China-based hackers that’s targeting both the Windows and Linux machines.

Called Golang, the malware version is aiming in mining Monero, an open-source crypto currency made in 2014, based on US-based cyber security company Barracuda Networks.

Though the volume remains low, scientists have seen seven IP addresses connected to the new malware version up to now, all based from China.

Researchers found the “Golang” malware concentrates on assaulting internet application frameworks, software servers, and also non-HTTP services like Redis and MSSQL, rather than targeting the end-users.

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“Malicious celebrities are once more turning into Golang because of malware speech as it isn’t typically tracked by antivirus program.

When the Golang malware infects a system, it arranges the documents dependent on the stage it’s attacking.

Organizations have to get a web application firewall set up and correctly configured since the newest Golang malware spreads by scanning the web for computers that are vulnerable.

Getting mindful of the way this malware version works might help businesses track their Windows and Linux servers such kind of malicious action and require quick action.

“We are able to defend organizations from this malware by tracking the endpoints for questionable activity in addition to the spike in CPU utilization, which is connected with crypto miners,” said Shi.

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