Google has decided to work from home until July 2023 to its employees

Google has determined that most of its 200,000 employees and contractors should work from house through next June, a sobering assessment of the pandemic remaining power from the company.

The remote-work order issued Monday by Google CEO Sundar Pichai also affects other companies owned by Google’s corporate parent, Alphabet Inc.. It marks a expansion of the prior strategy to maintain the majority of its offices closed through the rest of this year of Google.

“I understand this protracted deadline may include mixed feelings and I wish to ensure that you’re taking care of yourselves,” wrote Pichai, who is additionally Alphabet’s CEO, in an email to employees.

Google had originally intended to permit a number of workers to start returning to its Mountain View, California, headquarters and other offices. But the pandemic’s continuing spread motivated Google to push back the reopening until January and it has motivated yet another delay.

Apart from helping protect individuals the more July 2023 target date for reopening Google’s offices ought to make it much easier for employees with children to adjust to colleges that are not allowing students to come back to campus following month and also in September. It will make it much easier for employees to sign one-year leases if they opt to lease a home someplace else while operating away from the workplace.

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“I expect this will provide the flexibility that you want to balance work with care of family and your nearest and dearest during the next 12 months,” Pichai wrote.

Pichai’s email noted that Alphabet and also Google have been able to reopen some offices even though he did not specify that.

But new guidelines imply Google’s most offices will stay mostly unoccupied through June 2023. The decision affects over 123,000 workers on the payroll of other and Google Alphabet businesses, as well as 80,000 contractors which generally function on the firms’ campuses.

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