Google launched Google lens for Jio and KaiOS users in India

Google has rolled out the Auto Translate feature of Google Assistant for Jio phone and KaiOS users in India. This attribute can be utilized to translate in KaiOS based phones and users can translate any text easily within their own regional language. Jio Phone consumers will find the benefit of this feature and it’s based on KaiOS.

Google has declared that KaiOS users will now be able to Interpret and interpret any text into their regional language with Google Lens.

Google Lens is a camera based translation characteristic of the organization. In this, you can translate the camera’s focus on a text into more than 100 languages. The exceptional issue is that it can translate in your language and can also speak.

Announcing the new features, the google said that ‘We’ve brought new feature lens at Google Assistant. So that cheap smartphone users may even access these features.

Today we’re enlarging Google Lens to countless Google Assistant users on KaiOS apparatus in India. It’s presently available in a number of Indian languages such as English. It comprises Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and Tamil. But soon the corporation will also include Kannada and Gujarati language within it.

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How to Use Google Camera Translate in jio Phone or KaiOS

  • Open Google Assistant in Jio phone.
  • In Google Assistant find a brand new feature of camera translates.
  • Clicking on this camera translate icon, the camera will start and user can interpret it by focusing on any text, and translate.

This may prove invaluable for consumers who want to translate any text English into their language.

It can also be interpreted into a product label, road sign or a banner on the walls. It can be accessed and utilized only by clicking on the Assistant.

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