Google makes fun of Apple’s iOS 14 features

Apple rolled out iOS 14 to all iPhone Customers across the world This week. As is the case every year, the newest edition of iOS attracts a ton of new features.

And again what happens annually is that Apple is frequently ‘accused’ and made fun of for getting features in iOS which have been around in Android for a little while now.

And Apple accessing Android-like capabilities. But this time around poking fun at Apple is not any besides its equal — Google.

In an tweet published by Made by Google account, the firm took a dig at Apple’s house display widgets feature. “Wait, we are speaking about home displays now? Here is ours #Pixel4a,” browse the tweet.

Google did not stop just at the tweet because the film had some Much more potshots at Apple. The two widgets in the picture posted in the tweet by Google are in the kind of a calendar notification.

1 notification reads, “Realize we’ve had widgets 4ever,” Whereas the other one simply reads, “Inform world” on the screen of the Pixel 4a.

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Home screen widgets have existed on Android for very a while today. In fact, you will have to go back into Android Cupcake — among the first variants — to find that Google introduced Widgets so long past. Yes, Google will have a fair point in creating this dig at Apple.

Not that Apple has shied previously from taking digs at Google. One stage where Apple is always taking indirect digs at Google — and Facebook — is both solitude and the way it retains user data secure than other businesses. With a few new features that will keep third-party sites from tracking User data.

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