Google summer internships go virtual with the help of open source tech

Using the open source technology, thousands of young people for 47 countries will join Google in their homes as classes and graduation ceremonies are cancelled.

This is the first year when internship programme would be virtual and technical internships would focus on open source projects.

Google said it has more than 1,000 specialized interns actively contributing to open source projects.

Google said that though many areas of the programme remain the same using interns the company had to make some adjustments.

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“Interns will not have the advantage of working alongside seasoned Googlers in a traditional office environment, which then affects the kinds of jobs they can operate on,” the firm said in an announcement.

Open source is a version that creates a product code to work on, although even though interns didn’t have use of technical resources in a Google office, they might still contribute to meaningful projects.

Google has long been a big contributor and jobs including Chromium and Android are now widely adopted around the world.

Over the past two decades, Google has published thousands of open source jobs and are still active.

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In addition to contributing to jobs that are Google-created like TensorFlow, Kubernetes Chromium Beam, along with OSS-Fuzz, the interns will tackle jobs to support Covid-19 response campaigns, including contributing to the Covid Severity project and integrating Covid-19 data into the Data Commons.

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