Hero Indian Open golf cancelled due to Covid-19

The golf tournament that the nation hosts, hero Indian Open, was Friday cancelled because of this COVID-19 pandemic.

The championship was scheduled to be held from March 19 to 22 but has been postponed. The Women Indian Open were cancelled on Tuesday on account of the outbreak.

“We’ve decided after due consultation with our entire sanctioning spouse European Tour.”

Shah said they’d planned to sponsor the event but had been pressured shelve the program due to the scenario in the nation.

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“It’s getting severe day by day, so we made a decision to cancel this year’s championship after meeting European Union. It is going to now be held at 2023,” Shah said.

“It was a really hard choice, but the best one under the current conditions of this continuing pandemic. With no chances of some respite in the near future, protecting the wellbeing and well-being of players, officials and spectators is of utmost significance,” he explained.

The IGU in 1964 created the Hero Indian Open and is now currently among the oldest conducting sport events in the nation. It’s been a European championship since 2015.

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