Horticulture company INI Farms introduces QR code for fruits

Horticulture Company INI Farms on Thursday introduced a source traceability attribute for all its fruits in the domestic and international market through the technology called “Fruit Route”.

Every fruit under the new “Kimaye” can now be traced back to its source by scanning the lively QR code onto it, INI Farms stated in a declaration.

The attribute provides farmer-level traceability to the end-consumer, giving consumers the footprint information on this journey of each fruit from pre-harvest till marketplace shelf.

INI Farms Chairman and Managing Director Pankaj Khandelwal stated, “Consumers have become more aware about food security, secure and hygienic handling, and use of sustainable farming techniques such as drip irrigation. The traceability characteristic is that the transparent mechanism to discuss sustainable and ethical agriculture practices of our farmers.”

He added that with the traceability feature, consumers not only are able to trace back the fruit, all parts of the supply chain could track a fruit’s journey and address issues that may have arisen.

This feature is now available for pomegranates, arils and coconut; he said, adding that the corporation will include a QR code for bananas in December onwards.

The traceability feature also creates operational efficiency by hitting on the source of any problem in just two weeks.

INI Farms functions with over 5,000 farmers and exports pomegranate, banana and cut veggies, amongst others, from over 35 nations.

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