ICMR said 98% Kashmir population susceptible to COVID-19

Just 2 percent population in Kashmir has antibodies for COVID-19 and 98 per cent population is vulnerable to disease and still far away from acquiring herd resistance, an ICMR survey stated.

“The presence of antibodies means that the person had disease in the recent years and is now resistant to the virus”.

Only 8 showed existence of antibodies, the findings of this survey are based on 400 blood samples.

The physician said ICMR ran the survey simultaneously in 82 districts of the nation and discovered that the national amount of immune population is just 0.73 per cent.

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He explained this survey’s findings prove a predominantly large, 98 per cent of Kashmir’s population is susceptible to COVID-19 and we are far from acquiring any herd immunity .

“The findings of the analysis demonstrated that most of the people are not resistant to the illness and herd immunity remains far away,” he said.

When people come out, the doctor said, they’ll grab the disease for certain. They get immune and could recover.

“But, if there is a shift in the virus and the virus behaves differently and becomes more virulent which can occur, there can be more fatalities, and that would eliminate all of the good work that has been done thus far”, he explained cautioning that the people should not believe there’s no more danger.

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“Together with the easing of constraints, it’s crucial to prepare for the coming of new waves of the virus which could be more powerful.

“People should not be complacent and the only way to block the spread of virus is by taking precautions like social distancing, wearing face masks in public and washing hands correctly and frequently,” he said.

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