Learning is a continuous process. Explain this statement with two examples from your daily life.

Truly learning is a continuous process. The more we read and see the more it tends to enrich our knowledge which in turn helps to widen our mental horizon. Even to this day man is exploring the universe. We daily hear that one or the other space mission is being sent to explore the universe. Many countries are involved in the process of sending satellites to exploring the far off planets, to see whether any life exists there.

We follow these happenings and we tend to learn and become more aware of our surrounding. Our process of learning and acquiring knowledge goes on. The recent discoveries made by voyager satellites have revealed a lot of mysteries which would have remained undiscovered if learning stops. It is the quest of knowledge that man goes on making discoveries and inventions.

The use of atoms as a source of energy is also due to man’s quest for continuing to learn. This discovery has revolutionized .the whole scientific environment. The atoms can be split or joined together to produce energy, which could one day make the world get rid of the energy crisis. This would be a great leap for mankind and solution to most of the problems. Thus learning is a continuous process which would go on till life exists on this earth and will thus lead to new inventions and discoveries.

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