Lockdown 5.0 Guidelines: New Rules and Regulations for follow

Lockdown 5.0 New guidelines & rule-regulations: On 1st June onwards government of India may extend the lockdown. The new lockdown 5.0 may extend for the next 2 weeks, according to input report, and it will be more strict in the red zone, and have some waver in orange and green zone.

The lockdown 5.0 will be transferred from the Centre to the states and state will decide what to open and what to not, but center government decides to complete restriction on the opening of educational institutes such as school, colleges, coaching centers etc.

May be, Prime Minister Narendra Modi may announce an extension on lockdown in his monthly radio  program man ki baat on Sunday, because Sunday is also the last day of the lockdown 4.0.

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Here are probable guidelines and new rules & regulations for lockdown 5.0, which may be announced by the central government within few days.

Center government will transferred lockdown to state government. After that, the state will take the decision about what to open and what to close in the state. The strictness in containment zones and red zone will increase in lockdown 5.0.

Railway and domestic flights already started, soon in lockdown 5.0 Delhi metro rail may also be starting their services. Shopping malls may also get opens, but the decision is in state government hand.

School and colleges will still close till 15 June. And center may create a list of prohibited activities across the country, based on the ground level report of Covid-19.

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No international flights will be allowed in lockdown 5.0. Religious places will not open in lockdown 5.0, May  be this right also given to the state government. Local government will decide whether the religious places should need to open or not.

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