Money and Work Motivation in Modern Business Organizations.

Money is round and spins and let people spin around it. Money motivates the people most and holds the key to all locks in a modern business organization. No organization can survive without money and its motivation aspect, though non-money motivation does help.

It is the money (financial motivation) which works wonders for a modern business organization. When the needs of men are to be met, it is money which helps with the meeting of human needs.

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Money is a positive motivation and it has the capability of being given different names and shapes. Even the non-financial motivation like higher responsibility like job enrichment, efforts for self actualization have to spend and use money for all these motivators.

Every modern business organization uses motivation for the successful achievement of objectives, even customer satisfaction involves money and its expenditure.

Money is the key to all programs and efforts by the organization not only for successful achievement of its objectives but also is vital for the organization to keep it going.

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Money is perceived as power and every on waits to wield it. Human nature is based on greed and greed for money is the greatest. Money or financial motivation covers a vast majority in the organization and majority cooperation is vital for the success of modern business organization.

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