Mozilla Worries it Could be collateral damage in US-Google Warfare

US Department of Justice and 11 states take on Google having an anti-trust lawsuit over its alleged anti-competitive clinics in the Search and Search advertising markets, open source popular browser Mozilla Firefox has feared that it could be collateral damage in this war.

In the lawsuit, the US Justice Department referenced Google’s Search agreement with Mozilla as one example of its monopolization of their search engine marketplace in the US.

“Small and independent companies like Mozilla thrive by Innovating, interrupting and supplying customers with industry leading features and services in areas like search,” said Mozilla’s chief legal officer Amy Keating.

“The ultimate outcomes of an antitrust lawsuit should not Cause collateral damage to the organisations — like Mozilla — best placed to drive competition and safeguard the interests of customers on the internet,” Keating said in an announcement on Tuesday.

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Mozilla said that it has been leading the struggle for competition, Innovation and customer choice in the browser marketplace and beyond for the past 20 years.

“We have a long track record of creating innovative Goods and services which respect the privacy and safety of customers, and have successfully pushed the market to follow suit”.

Support and Mozilla’s Firefox browser is a good example. Mozilla is funded almost entirely by earnings from search Promotional agreements.

“When Yahoo! paid to be the default search engine in Firefox, Most Americans immediately shifted their search engine for their first choice-Google. (Mozilla later chose Google to function as the default search provider, mentioning an’attempt to offer quality search’ and its’focus on consumer experience’),” Google said.

According to Keating, unintended injury to smaller innovators from Enforcement actions will be detrimental to the system as a whole, without any meaningful benefit to consumers.

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“It’s not how anyone will fix Big Tech. Rather, remedies Must examine the ecosystem completely, and allow the flourishing of Competition and choice to benefit customers,” Mozilla said.

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